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Mission Statement 

To restore the body through evidence based treatments and reverse the impact of disease and degeneration.

Core Values

Our attitude, behavior and decisions are guided by our Core Values and faith based morals.


Trustworthy: We are dependable and always work to wow our clients, patients and co-workers.

Excellence: We strive to provide the best and expect the best.

Accountability: We accept responsibility to better ourselves and Rejuv as a whole.

Mastery: We focus on continuous improvement and evidence based practices.

Resourceful: We pursue new creative ideas, appreciate diversity, and think outside the box.

Energetic: We value passion, determination and perserverance.

Joyful: We encourage a fun atmosphere; a place where we can laugh together.

Unity: With respect and integrity, we work synergistically together.

Virtuous: We are free from pride and arrogance as we put others first.

Rejuv Medical is a Saint Cloud, MN based Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic focused on reversing the aging process, from non-surgical orthopedics and sports medicine practices to medically supervised weight loss programs, with additional services extending into Anti-Aging Medicine and Physical Therapy. The company's popular orthopedic blog (Orthopedic Accelerator) and fitness blog (Fitness Accelerator) serves more than 5K daily readers, while their Rejuv Medical twitter and two Facebook accounts (Medical Clinic and Weight Loss Center)interact with hundreds more in the social world. For more about Rejuv Medical, visit our resource page and job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Rejuv Medical teaches clients how to lose weight through proper nutrition and exercise. Each client is also medically screened to help ensure success. Our goal is to create independence in the individual vs. creating programs where the individual is dependent on our products. Most of our clients are only with us for a short time until they learn how their bodies respond to food and exercise. So keep your gym memberships! Because this is just a way to enhance your results with a medical kick start!




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